Sunday, February 8, 2015

Normcore "naked" when fashion is hidden

[Summary] "feeling" is the one of the best ways of interpretation of winter fashion, how can in cold temperatures, wearing trendy not overstaffed? It was a fashion group has been trying to solve the problem.

 Brand of the Olsen twins (The Row) and France brand, Christopher Lemaire (Christophe Lemaire) gives the best answers. Comfort of their design is all pure and simple style, the use of pure color, simple skin bourette and denim fabrics, neutral tones, and a little taste of oversize. Everything looks simple, smooth line, stretches easily profile and low-key and high-wonderful texture, wear a level contains infinite profound ingenuity and skill.

With flamboyant costumes to reflect the personal tastes of the time is long past, are now more popular "Normcore", is the stealth fashion, seems like a nude makeup is not modified, in fact, is dressed up. This is a style of low-key but high-quality that cannot be ignored.

Resort collection of The Row's inspiration came from France actress Francoise-Hardy (Fran รง OISE Hardy), no extra accessories, very casual.

In addition to The Row and 2015 years Hemes,Celine holiday series also focuses on comfort and nature.

Teaches you fashion week most photographed wool coat dress

[Abstract] fur coats that 560 swept Hollywood items of the last century, still be fashion week, off-site wind of the supermodels ' favorite warm things, almost comparable to one of ten coat. There are now wearing what changes does it make take the law?

What is wool coat? Neither mosaic, more than stitching, plush warmth of volumes, and a touch of anti-fur, combines the two in terms of texture and a natural spike stitching material stiff. Is this fan! Teaches you how to wear the four strokes of this Aristocrat items immediately revealed!

"Short wool coat + skinny jeans"

Black matte pencil pants low Joker, lacquer Avantgarde modern, skinny jeans with handsome, absolutely called supermodel favorite Winter Street style match.

"Short wool coat + mini skirt"

If warmth is a physiological needs, then the miniskirt is a kind of spiritual needs. Come as innate sense of the nobility of wool items to add some nifty!

 "Short wool coat + baggy jeans"

Want to create a second out of street sense of leisure? Learn fashion fine or even cousin look, relaxed and casual is as simple as that.

"Long wool coat + thin ride"

Inside take must be thin. Or undermine the profile of wool coats to carry, it is very soft, with a thin inside take it to keep warm and comfortable!